The Satellite Beach Farmers Market is every Thursday from 10am to 4pm at Pelican Beach Park in Satellite Beach, FL.

Just about anywhere you live these days, there are bound to be one or more Farmer’s Markets nearby.  I have to admit, I have not frequented enough Farmer’s Markets often enough.  Every time I do go to one however, I walk away with an appreciation of the free market system, capitalism and the entrepreneurial spirit.  To me, one of the greatest things about local Farmer’s Markets is the unique, hand crafted items you will not find in the big chain department stores with a much higher quality than anything you can buy online.
Natalie and I recently relocated to Satellite Beach from the not too far away town of Merritt Island.  Same county, neighboring towns, but a different vibe and atmosphere.  Besides the most important and attractive part of Satellite Beach, is well, the beach.  We are literally minutes from the beach now.  We don’t even drive to the beach anymore, we walk across the street and BOOM!  We are there!
We came across the Satellite Beach Farmer’s Market at the Pelican Beach Park.  It’s a short bike ride or an even shorter car ride just down A1A (beach front avenue!!) from our little pad.

Satellite Beach Farmers Market





We are no strangers to Farmer Markets.  I love the idea of buying local from locals!  It is what helps make a community a real community.  Especially stuff like local honey and fruits and veggies.
Our Satellite Beach Farmers market runs consistently around 25 – 30 unique vendors.
I am going to be saying this a lot, “One of my favorite products!”, because there are some really good quality and cool/interesting products from these people here.
They are here in Satellite Beach at the Pelican Beach Park on A1A every Thursday from 10:00 to 4:00pm

The first I will talk about is:

Crushable Seagrass Hats:

A family owned and operated business.  This hats are not just cool as a fashon iitem, they are cool as in keeping your head cool in the hot sun!  Light, breathable and good to look at.  Reasonably priced that make it a very affordable item everyone needs in the sun here in Central Florida.

Crushable Hats Satellite Beach

Miss Mango’s Herb Appeal

Traditional herbs for a healthy lifestyle.  There are lots and lots of solutions to cure what ails you.  I prefer to go old school and heal and treat my aches, pains and treat over all good health the natural way.  Miss Mango’s Herb Appeal has just about everything you need to keep you happy, healthy and feeling good.

Give them a call at 321-802-9465 and ask for Kitty or Jim

miss mango's herb appeal











Preetibeads is one that is with me every day.  Natalie and I wear one of her volcanic rock bead bracelet.  The thing I love about this vendor is of course, the home made, custom made volcanic rock bracelets and the fact that you can infuse or soak the bracelet in your favorite essential oil to relieve stress, heal or just smell good when you are wearing it!

Love her originally designed bracelets!


Pet Wants

Natural whole dog food, dog treats, chews or toys- this is where we come to provide good, safe nutritional food for our pups!  The last time we came by Pet Wants, we purchased our dogs deer antler chews.  They don’t get slimy and messy.  They are great for our pups teeth and they do not smell.  Most of all, there are no chemicals or by products and they are safe to chew on!

Pet Wants

Give them a call at 321-307-8223 and ask for Janel


Mr. Goodstuff Kettle Corn

There is one thing that will leave an imprint on you from this Farmer’s Market, it will be the sweet smells of the Mr. Goodstuff Kettle Corn stand that is always at the south end of the market.
The smells wafting through the air of the freshly popped corn will put you in a hypnotic state until you pop a handful into your mouth.  Really, this is the gift from the savory gods.

Reach them at

Mr. Goodstuff Kettle Corn

Paradise Produce

Good selection of fresh fruits and veggies at great prices!
Get in touch with them at: 321-265-0561 and ask for Noel

Paradise Produce