It’s Spring time in the air.  Well, almost.  February on Florida’s Space Coast is about as good as it gets when it comes to winter weather and temperatures.  As Spring Break, Easter and Prom’s from our excellent high school’s approach, here are the remaining important dates for your children’s 2017 – 2018 school year.

Good luck to all of our students on a successful, safe and enjoyable Spring semester!  Success to all of our student athletes this Spring as well.

A special thanks to our teachers, coaches and administrators, and especially thanks to all of the supportive parents out there.

Brevard County School dates 2018
















Brevard County School Dates 2018


















School Starts:
January 8th – Spring Semester
Final Day of School is May 23rd for students

Early Release:
** Every Wednesday is an early release day! ***

May 21st – 23 exams/early release
Student Holidays:

Monday February 19th – Presidents Day/Student Holiday
Friday March 16th – Student Holiday
April 2nd – 6th – SRING BREAK!

Interims Issued Dates:
February 13th and 14th
April 26th and 27th

Report Cards:
3rd 9 Weeks
March 20th – elementary
March 20nd – secondary
Final 9 Weeks
May 23rd – elementary
– posted to edline
May 25th – Secondary report/grades posted to edline
Mid June 2017 – secondary report cards issued