Seaside Living on Florida’s Space Coast

It doesn’t matter if you grew up on the coast, the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains or the mid-west, when you smell that salty air, hear the steady roar of the surf hitting the sandy beach, feel that cool ocean breeze flow all around you and look out across the blue horizon of the water, there is no place on Earth you’d rather be.

Pros and Cons of Seaside Living









We grew up on Cocoa Beach, but the feeling of “vacation” is there every time we load the beach chairs, stuff our small cooler of beverages and slide on our flip-flops for an afternoon of “toes in the sand and a drink in our hand” on one of the may public beaches along Florida’s Space Coast.

For those who have not grown up along the beach however, there are some “insiders” knowledge that should be shared about Seaside Living – Pros and Cons.

Normally, I would always lead with the good stuff, wrap the cons in the middle with another round of good things to say.  This time however, I’m going to just keep it real, tell you the cons and then talk about the good stuff, which is what we all want to hear about anyway.  I mean, moving to the an area with water is all about self indulgence anyway, right?

So, on to the “Cons” of Seaside Living.

Due to the geography alone, there are inherent risks of living along a coast.  Weather being the primary one.  Hurricanes happen, and the closer you are to the ocean, the more likely you and your property are going to be effected.  That being the case, your homeowner’s insurance is likely to be higher than if you were to live several miles in-shore.

The god news when it comes to home owner’s insurance however, is that you can minimize the higher costs my taking a proactive approach to protecting your property.  Depending on the type of roof you have, and the way your roof is attached to the trusses of the home, the type of shingle and the age of your roof.  Also, having huricane graded window shutters with significantly lower your insurance costs as well.   You can obtain “credits” from your insurance company by obtaining a wind mitigation inspection report.

Salty air and salty water go hand in foot here on the coast line.  If you have ever paid attention to anything made of almost any kind of metal, you know what salt does to metal.  Rust and corrosion is synonymous with living near salty water.  There is however a simple solution to this.  Maintenance and regular cleaning.  You just have to be willing to put the time or the little money to pay someone else to do it.

The last thing I will mention is an obvious one.  Weather.  Everyone who has a heart beat knows that hurricanes and Florida have a constant volatile relationship.  We can go years without a landfall storm, but then we get walloped by a doozie.  The one thing I will mention, and I’m going to knock on wood as I type this, is that Brevard County, i.e. Florida’s Space Coast, has not had a direct hurricane hit, in over 100 years.  The last hurricane to effect Brevard was this past Fall when Hurricane Mathew grazed by approx 30 miles off the coast.

All in all, the cons are not significant!

The Pros of living Seaside are infinitely better!  In fact, I could write a book on all of the benefits and joys of living hear the coast.

The one thing I remind myself daily, is that I live, where people pay thousands of dollars to come vacation to every week of the year!

Cocoa Beach, Kennedy Space Center, Indian River Lagoon, St. Johns River, it’s all right here in my own “back yard”.  Deep sea fishing, air boat rides, para-sailing, open cock-pit bi-plane rides over the beach, kayaking, stand up paddle boarding through the mangrove tunnels of the Thousand Islands of Cocoa Beach.  Not to mention, just chilling out on the beach to some Jimmy Buffett and sipping on a margarita.

Manatee and calf Thousand Islands Cocoa Beach

It’s all here, within minutes to most places and it’s all available to anyone who wants to get out and enjoy it!

Water has an intangible healing quality to it.  Opening your doors or windows to let the cool salty air move through your home while looking out over the blue sparkling waters from the sunlight dancing off the tips of the waves and ripples is almost hypnotic.  I can’t think of anything more relaxing that watching and listening to the waves roll in one after the other.

Now, no one can legally guaranty that your home is going to definitely go up or go down in the market.  Anyone can look at the real estate market trends and determine whether their property will be a poor, stable or profitable investment though.  Living along the seaside, homes generally hold or increase in their net worth. Mind you, you, as the owner, must do your part to ensure the properties condition is maintained at a condition that allow it to hold or increase it’s value.

There is nothing that determines “value” on living somewhere that allows you to relax, chill and live in a state on constant mental health bliss.  The water, the wild life, the cool breezes and salty air are only a small part of the tangible elements that make seaside living so great.  There is a feeling of “pura vida” that encompasses everyone’s lifestyle on the coast.   Pura vida is a very popular saying in Costa that translates to “pure life”.  It runs right along with the “No Worries”, “It’s all good” and “Don’t worry, Be happy” mantra’s that are so popular amongst island or tropical living mental attitudes.

So, if you need a relaxing life style.  Some place where you can naturally lower your blood pressure, then Seaside living sounds like it may just the right place for you and you.

Don’t know where to start, get in touch with me and I will be glad to guide you along on how to make it happen!

Pura Vida!

Don Norris
Norris Real Estate