Millions of people flock to Florida year round to enjoy our sun, beaches, humidity and that intangible “something” about being in Central Florida!  This has been going on for well over 60 years now.

Sure, lots of things have changed since the 1960’s.  Hairstyles are different, bathing suits have changed, and the type of cars people drive are much different, however, there is one thing constant about Cocoa Beach, Florida that has remained for decades…fun in the sun!

You can still see the surfing Santa’s on Cocoa Beach and the annual Cocoa Beach Easter Surf contest.  Cocoa Beach is all about fun in the sun!  There is something for all age groups and the best family friendly vacation spot on the east coast!

This is a short film done back in 1969 by Glenn Przyborski that follows two college girls, Lynn and Debbie (LaDona Davis and Carla Hoover), as they make their way down the Space Coast of Florida for spring break.


Przyborski filmed, “Blame It On Florida” in April, 1969 over a three day weekend.   His film crew was made up from a group of friends from college and high school who were interested in filmmaking and volunteered their time. Some his his friends like, Preston Beck, Rick Kramer, Larry Bessler, Dave Rollins and Lowell Thomas just to name a few.

The film is a nostalgic throw back to how life in Cocoa Beach was and in many ways, still is.  It is an oasis of sorts from the every day grind of society for both locals and tourists alike.  To get out on the beach on a week day evening, an early sunrise walk or a quick glimpse at the waves during lunch is like a mini-vacation for most.

Cocoa Beach Florida, the happiest beach on earth!  Blame it on Florida!