Be Active Be Happy

Wanna know the secret to living on Florida’s Space Coast?  Be Active Be Happy!  We live in one of the sunniest and best climate places on Earth.  In fact, Cocoa Beach, considered the center for Florida’s Space Coast, receives an average of 233 days of sunshine a year.  The U.S. average days of sunshine per year is only 205 days.

There is good reason Florida is called the Sunshine State.  I grew up in Brevard County, Florida and I can never recall a time as a kid where I didn’t want to be outside playing with my friends.  Whether it was riding our bikes to Cocoa Beach with my surfboard tucked under one arm or swimming in the canals, skiing up and down Sykes Creek (which is not allowed anymore to help protect our beloved manatees) or fishing in the Indian or Banana Rivers.

Living here in Brevard County is a blessing that far too many people take for granted and do not fully utilize the treasures and pleasures all around us.  Depending on where you live in our long but narrow Brevard County, you can drive just 5 minutes or less and see wild Florida manatee, wild Indian River Lagoon bottle nose dolphin, alligator, bald eagles, osprey diving into the water and flying away with a fish in it’s talons.  You can get so close to the cruise ships in Port Canaveral you almost feel like you can reach out and touch one. Rockets and space craft taking off so close you can feel the rumble and thunder of their rocket engines propelling them up into space.  Of course, the beaches are as nice as anywhere in the world.

One of my favorite things to do still in all of my years growing up and living on the Space Coast is to simply sit in my beach chair and look out across the Atlantic as the waves crash and dance at my feet.  A few hours on one of our beaches along Brevard County is as relaxing and therapy enriched as anything you can imagine.  That salty air, cool ocean breeze and hypnotizing sounds of the waves crashing onto shore is just the right prescription to put anyone into a state of complete relaxation.

Relaxing on Cocoa Beach Florida

If that is a little too low key for you, hop into a kayak and venture out into the Thousand Islands of Cocoa Beach where you are likely to come across a bottle nose dolphin or two, hang around a herd of manatee, see a wide variety of birds and even catch a delicious red-fish if you bring your fishing pole along.

Kayak with manatee

There are so many ways to get out and get active here on the Space Coast.

If you have a little four legged pup in your family, bring him along for some fun, exercise and relation as well.  Brevard County’s dog friendly beach, Canova Dog Beach Park is a great way to spend some time with your four legged family members.  The cost is FREE and parking is free as well.

Canova-Beach-SignI know it gets hot around here, especially in the dog days of summer, but we are blessed with that cool ocean breeze almost everyday.  Get out there and explore the beautiful and amazing wonders that surround us all over.

Get out there and do it!  Be Active and Be Happy!