Save Our Baby Sea Turtles

Bring your entire family to this event and learn how you can help to save our baby sea turtles.  The Sea Turtle Preservation Society of Brevard County is hosting an event on Tuesday, May 31st at 5:00pm at the Cocoa Beach Public Library located at 550 N. Brevard Ave. in Cocoa Beach.  The purpose of the event is to educate volunteers on the basics of the Sea Turtle Emergency Response Program (STERP) and how they too can become involved in Sea Turtle Conservation.

This is a GREAT opportunity to get your entire family involved in a local fun event that benefits us all.  Teach your children about some of the wild life that exists and thrives right in their own back yard.

Save Our Baby Sea Turtles

Save Our Baby Sea Turtles

photo credit: samsarainn

What do STERP volunteers get to do?

When certain weather events occur during the Summer and Fall along the our Space Coast, our volunteers walk along Brevard Counties beaches searching through seaweed and debris washed up along the shore for trapped baby sea turtles and hatchlings.  (these are called “washbacks”)

baby sea turtle rescue

The volunteers then transport the rescued washbacks to designated drop-off locations where the baby sea turtles will be evaluated and cared for if needed before set free back into the ocean.  The volunteers will also educate the public beachgoers on sea turtle do’s and don’ts.

Bring your entire family out to this Volunteer Registration Event on May 31st at 5:00pm at the Cocoa Beach Public Library!