Banana River Sunset: Cocoa Beach and Merritt Island

Living here on the Space Coast of Central Florida, sunsets are something we have become accustomed to, and all to often, unfortunately, take for granted.  This particular sunset was taken from a friends backyard in Cocoa Beach looking out over the Banana River towards Merritt Island.

Of all the places I have lived since growing up in Central Florida, Mississippi, Colorado, Texas and of all the places I have traveled around the world, there is no place that can hold a candle to the sunsets we experience on a daily basis right here in Brevard County, Florida.

Some, like this one are melancholy with the blues and grey with the one powerful burst of orange as the sun settles in for a night of rest.


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Come to Florida’s Space Coast and experience your own memories of sunsets with your loved ones.  There is nothing like a Florida sunset to kick the evening off right!