Island Style, Merritt Island Florida

Merritt Island Florida is a one of a kind community.  There is no other place like it in Florida or anywhere else I have ever lived or traveled.  It has it’s own unique style, and that is Island Style!  Everyone has style, and whether that style is original, hip or trendy doesn’t matter.

That could not be more true that right here on Merritt Island.  While there may be upwards of 40,000 people living on our tropical little island here on Florida’s Space Coast, there are just as many personalities and styles that go along with it.  One common denominator with everyone here on the Island however, is that we are all neighbors and Islanders.  Supporting our schools and sports programs, looking out for our neighbors kids and property or even rallying together to locate a missing child or even a pet, we, as Islanders, come together and no other place is like this that I know of.

While my wife and I both grew up here on Merritt Island, we both have our own subtle styles, but are very much in-tune to one another’s that most people can’t differentiate between our two.  This makes for a fun and easy process of choosing paint colors for our house, landscaping and pretty much everything else we do in life.  Yes, we are truly blessed in that department.

Florida Sunset Merritt Island

One of the things we try to instill in our children is to be themselves.  Each one of the kids have their own and very unique personality.  As Natalie and I sit on our patio or on our dock in the evenings and enjoy our picturesque sunsets while enjoying a drink, we are reminded everyday that we live in paradise, and where we live, as awesome as it is, it is what we make of where live that makes it so special.

Merritt Island Style

We know that in everything there is a something good.  Sometimes, you have to look a little harder and deeper to see the good, but it’s there, and by seeking it out and focusing on the good, you eliminate the negative.

Life is good folks, don’t waste your time on the negative things, find your style and let it be an attraction to others!