Porter’s Islands Cocoa Beach Thousand Islands

The Story Behind the Porter’s Islands Sign in the Cocoa Beach Thousand Islands

Cocoa Beach Thousand Islands hold far too many secrets to be told.  From the ancient Ais native Americans who once called the area home, to the modern explorer in kayak, fishing boat or stand up paddle board.  One thing I have discovered from the hundreds of times paddling out, around and through the mangrove tunnels of The Thousand Islands, is that there is always something new to discover.

I could go out everyday and paddle the exact same route in and around these islands and see something completely new each time.

Just the other day, I was paddling around a section of the Thousand Islands that I have not explored in a long time, and went down a small narrow channel I can’t recall ever going down.  As I am winding my way through the canopy of the mangroves and cut around one corner, I see a structured sign up on the shore behind some the red mangrove limbs.  Seeing something of structure caught me by surprise, as this is an uninhabited area and non of these islands are privately owned.

I was immediately taken back and felt as though I was in some sort of Mark Twain novel.   So, of course, I took out my camera and took a picture of the sign that read, “Porter’s Islands”, hand painted on a hanging wooden sign on a well built wooden frame.

Who knows the story behind this sign “Porter’s Islands” on one of the Islands in the Thousand Islands of Cocoa Beach?


Porters Islands Cocoa Beach

I love the local history and lore of Brevard County.  There are some many interesting and captivating stories about this area.  This simple little sign has me curious, but I am unable to find anything that will clue me in as to the origin or story behind this sign.  Who is this Porter fella any way?