Surfing Cocoa Beach – East Coast’s Surfing Capital!

This past weekend brought in some of the most killer waves to Cocoa Beach, and local surfers did not miss out on the chance to test their mettle on these 6-8′ swells.   Surfing Cocoa Beach is usually a bit more relaxed and not quiet as an adrenaline rush as our locals experienced this past weekend.  The waves were closing in fast, but we got to witness some of the most perfect shaped barrels we’ve experienced in a long time.

Surfing in Cocoa Beach

Surfer catches a long perfect set on Cocoa Beach

All up and down Brevard’s beaches, this was the scene.  I took this photo up near Cherry Down Park in Cape Canaveral, but the sets were just like the one above all up and down our Central Florida coastline.

We don’t get monster waves like this too often, but when we do, it’s time to break out the sticks and ride em best we can!

You’ll want to check out the live Surf Cam at the Cocoa Beach Pier or the Cocoa Beach Surf Report before waxing up your stick and headed over the causeway to the beaches.