Good Food on Merritt Island

Where to Eat on Merritt Island

There are some really great places to eat along Florida’s Space Coast.  Zoning in a little, Merritt Island is one of my favorite places in Brevard County to sit down and break bread with friends.  Where to eat on Merritt Island is not so much a list of places to eat, but more of an experience.  We have some of the best locally owned restaurants along with some fantastic chain restaurants that give off a home town, locally owned atmosphere.

It doesn’t matter what kind of food you are in the mood for or the time of day you are wanting to gather and eat, there is just about something for everyone to satisfy any hunger or craving right here on Merritt Island.

For the purposes of time, I’m gonna focus on just a few places to eat here on our Island that are some of my particular favorites.

For the sake of simplicity, let’s just go through the day, therefore, starting off with a great place to have breakfast.  Keeping in mind, there are several great breakfast spots of where to eat on Merritt Island.  I could write an entire article on breakfast restaurants alone, and in fact, I may end up writing a blog on that topic alone.

Where to Eat on Merritt Island for Breakfast

One of Natalie, my wife, and my favorite places to eat on Merritt Island for breakfast is Cozy Corner Cafe’.  Locally owned, Cozy Corner Cafe’ offers home style cooked breakfasts just the way mom used to make them.  Milk gravy with sausage and biscuits, custom omelets any way you like em, pancakes that would make IHOP jealous and classic corned beef hash, grits and eggs, sunny-side-up.

cozy corner cafe Where to Eat on Merritt Island


That of course if not the full menu for their breakfast, just a sampling of what you might experience any day of the week or weekend should you choose to eat at the chosen best breakfast restaurant from the people who live on Merritt Island. Cozy Corner Cafe’ also has a full and delicious lunch menu that they serve until 1:50pm.  No supper menu here, only breakfast and lunches.

Where to Eat on Merritt Island for Lunch

Now that breakfast is behind us, it’s lunch time.  One of the best Italian restaurants in the entire Brevard County goes to Alfredo Paradiso Inc. right in the heart of Merritt Island.  If anyone ever asks of where to eat on Merritt Island for lunch or dinner, this place will make you want to keep coming back for more and more.

Alfredo Paradiso Inc.
photo, Alfredo Paradiso Inc.

Classic Italian food with a home made touch that would make the most Italian mother proud to serve food here.  You can order any of the Italian classics, enjoy the open buffet with salad or order your very own custom made New York style pizza freshly made to order right in their pizza oven.  If you are a lover of Italian Food, then do yourself a favor and visit this locally owned gem and have a great time eating, drinking and enjoying time well spent with friends and family.

Where to Eat on Merritt Island for Dinner

It’s dinner time and the choices are wide open for what ever your taste buds are craving.  Since we are on Florida’s East Coast, one of the local favorite meals here in Brevard County is sushi.  We have one of the best all around sushi restaurants right here on Merritt Island.  Pacific Rim sits at the corner of Courtney Parkway and Merritt Avenue.  Easy to locate and when you go there, you’re be very glad you did so!  One of my favorite rolls they make, which is one their original signature rolls, is the Sea of Love.  A perfect and balanced combination of Spicy tuna, avocado, asparagus, scallions, topped with seared tuna, tempura flakes, and a mix of 4 special sauces.  This is the creme’ de la creme’ of rolls.  Another favorite is the Key Lime Roll.  We may not be down in the Keys, but this roll, with a hint of lime brings the Keys up to Central Florida.  Delicious Japanese and Chinese beer or saki to go along with this delicious fresh seafood makes the meal more of an event rather than sustenance.

Pacific Rim sea of love merritt island

Where to Eat on Merritt Island for Take-Out

Maybe you don’t want to go out to eat.  Perhaps, eating on your sofa and chilling out watching some Netflix is more your thing for the night.  Where to eat on Merritt Island for such a place you ask?  How about a locally owned restaurant that has been around for as long as I can remember. Chi Lin restaurant is the place to go for Chinese food take out!

Where to eat Merritt Island Florida
photo Chi Lin Restaurant

The nicest and sweetest people you’d ever care to meet.  This is the view you have when you come in to order your food.  Always a friendly and happy greeting from Mrs. Chi Lin.  The food is freshly prepared and cooked to order right in front of you.  I have always been more than happy and satisfied with anything ever prepared for me and my family.  Home made mustard sauce is a must too!

A couple of more places of worth on where to eat on Merritt Island I need to let you know about.

Where to Eat on Merritt Island for Desert

Desert is one of those types of food that is near and dear to my heart.  Anytime is always a good time for a sweet treat.  One of my all time favorites, and it has been right here on Merritt Island since I was a little boy.  In fact, I remember walking over to Dairy Queen after baseball games when I was in elementary school.  Dairy Queen with it’s soft serve ice cream, Blizzards, ice cream bars, sundaes and hot fudge with ice cream can put a smile on the most grumpiest of scrooges.

Dairy Queen Merritt Island


Where to Eat on Merritt Island for Appetizers and Drinks

One thing Natalie and I enjoy doing, usually on a Friday evening, is to go to one of our favorite watering holes for a beer or two and a basket of home made french fries or sautéed mushrooms.  Nautical’s, which is located off of Sea Ray Rd. along side the Bee-Line is a part of Harbortown Marina.  Sitting outside on the porch overlooking the harbor and moored up sail boats and yachts has an atmosphere your can duplicate anywhere else on the Merritt Island.

Harbor Town Marina Merritt Island


There are so many different great places to eat on Merritt Island, the choices, while not technically limitless, you would be hard pressed to eat at every single place and try all of the menu items our great restaurants have to offer.  So, the next time someone asks you where to eat on Merritt Island, you have a few choices right here you can offer with 100% confidence they’ll walk away with a full belly and a big smile on their face!

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