Blue Heron Cocoa Beach Thousand Islands

Little Blue Heron in Cocoa Beach

I was out kayaking in Cocoa Beach Thousand Islands the other day when this Little Blue Heron takes off from the red mangroves to my left and flies in front of me.   Just had enough time to grab my camera and get a shot of him before he flew out of my frame to the right.

Little Blue Heron Cocoa Beach Thousand Islands

The Little Blue Heron prefers to stalk his prey like a stealthy predator will do along the shores of water or by perching itself on low hanging limbs near the water.  It will watch and wait for a fish to get close enough and then strike the small fish with it’s long pointed beak.  The little blue heron nests in the mangrove trees in a stick nest alongside other herons and wading birds.

Every time I am out in the mangroves of Cocoa Beach, the Indian River, Ulumay Wildlife Refuge or any where else amongst nature here in Brevard County, I always see and experience something amazing.  I could paddle the same route every day for a year and see something different 365 times.

The next time you are visiting Florida’s Space Coast, or, if you are fortunate enough to already live here, next time you are driving across one the causeways, alongside a canal or just sitting on your patio, take a look around and you’ll see that the wonders of nature are all around you!


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