Jetty Park Beach Cape Canaveral

Jetty Park Cape Canaveral

I can remember back during the mid 70’s when my mom would take me and my brother to the beach.  If it wasn’t to the Cocoa Beach Pier, it would definitely be Jetty Park.  In fact, more often than not, it was Jetty Park due to the fact that there were lifeguards and bathrooms.  Two essential factors for my mom when taking us to the beach.  Mind you, the movie Jaws had just come out recently, so the added comfort and safety with lifeguards was a big selling point for mom.

Back in the day, it was free to enter Jetty park and the parking wasn’t too bad either.  They had a concession stand back then, but alas, as a kid, it never was enough soda or hot dogs or bags of chips to satisfy.  It was however, always a great time.  Body surfing, playing catch with my brother Mark, digging and building sand sculptures on the beach and of course, everyone’s favorite as a kid, attracting as many seagulls as possible with what ever crackers, chips or bread left over from lunch.  I am still amazed at the love my mother had for me to put up with the mess I used to be.

Jetty Park Beach Cape Canaveral
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Here we are, lets just say, a few years later and Jetty Park is just as popular as ever, if not even more so.  Mind you, it has been just as many years since I have graced the soft sand beaches of Jetty Park, but from time to time, my wife and I will drive out and look around if for nothing more than nostalgia for when we were both kids growing up just across the Banana River on Merritt Island.

Jetty Park in beautiful Cape Canaveral is so much more than just a place to lay on the beach for a golden Central Florida suntan, play in the cool beautiful waters of the Atlantic Ocean or fish along the Jetty itself jutting out some 1200 feet into the ocean along Port Canaveral‘s mouth where our Cruise Ships, cargo ships, private boats and some military ships venture out into the Atlantic.  No, it is much much more.

Jetty Park Campground

There is the campsite itself which attracts thousands of visiting and local campers each year.  With over 150 individual campsites, Jetty Park Campground will satisfy the camper who likes to ruff it in it a tent to the comfort and ease of RV parking and camping.  The campground offers electric and water hook-ups for RV campers and also offers the luxuries of laundry facilities, hot showers, a camp store, bait and tackle shop, a snack bar beachside, picnic tables, pavilions, a playground, dump stations and most importantly, 24 hour on site security.  Jetty Park Campground really leaves you with nothing to want or need for.

Jetty Park Camp Sites:

* Sites 1-82 are 20 and 30 amp electrical service only

* Sites 83-120 are 20, 30 and 50 amp electrical service only

* Sites 1-117 have both water and electrical service available.

* Sites 201-217 have no water or electrical service and are tent only sites.

* Sites 301-324 have water only service and are the closest sites to water.

* Sites 401-423 have no water or electrical service available and are the closest to water.

Jetty Park Cape Canaveral Campsite
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For those thinking about visiting Jetty Park Campsite, know that about half of the camp sites have a concrete slabs.  Check with the campsite reservations when reserving your campsite of you want a concrete slab.  Daily check out is 12:00pm.  Jetty Park is pet friendly, however, be sure to have you pet’s shot records on hand.

Jetty Park Campground
9035 Campground Circle
Cape Canaveral, Florida 32920

Call to check availability, make, change, or cancel a reservation at 321-783-7111.

Jetty Park Fishing Pier

If fishing is your thing and you want to catch your own dinner, then the 1200 foot fishing pier at Jetty Park is something you are going to love.  The fishing pier is fully equipped for those who are physically challenged and is wheel chair accessible.  You will not need a Florida Fishing License to fish off of the pier, however Florida Fish and Wildlife fishing regulations and rules apply.  Bait and tackle is available during open store hours at the Bait Shop locate at the two story beach pavilion.  On the pier itself, there is clean running water and fish cleaning stations so you can clean and prepare your fish on site to keep in your cooler.

Jetty Park Fishing Pier Cape Canaveral
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What ever your weekend plans are or your vacation plans are while visiting Central Florida’s Space Coast, a stop over at Jetty Park Cape Canaveral is a stop that will be well worth your time and enjoyment.

Jetty Park Beach

If laying out in the sun, soaking up some vitamin D and listening to the waves crash onto shore, then Jetty Park Beach is where you will want to spend some time.  Be it early morning, or enjoy the warmth of the mid afternoon sun, you are sure to relax and feel refreshed by the sweet salty air.

Jetty Park Beach has 4.5 acres of soft, white sandy beach specially designed for it’s guests.  You can feel safe and secure with lifeguards on duty year around, as long as the beach is open.  Don’t even worry about lugging beach chairs, umbrellas and boogies boards and stuff.  There is a certified vendor right there on the beach who has everything from chairs, umbrellas, paddle boards and boogie boards along with other equipment and fun items for your beach experience.  Outdoor showers are on the board walks so you don’t have to worry about tracking a lot of sand into your car.  Some of the cleanest beaches in Florida are right here on Jetty Park Beach!



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