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What is the best time to go see a movie at the theatre?  Well, I guess that would really be up to the individual.  For me and my family, the best answer to this question would be, anytime is the best time to go see a movie.  Of all of my movie going experiences throughout my life, some of the best and most memorable movie experiences have be in Cobb Theaters Merritt Island.  

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Cobb Theaters Merritt Island Florida

Going to the movies is more than just about going to see a good film!  Going to the movies is supposed to be an experience!  There is so much more to the movie going experience than sitting in a dark room and watching the actors do their thing on the big screen.

It all starts with arriving to the theatre!  It should be a special experience.   There should be a grand entrance, lots of colors, and neon lighting.  There should be movie posters and marque signs heralding and advertising what is currently playing and what is yet to come in the near future to build more hype.

Cobb Theatres Merritt Island Florida

Before you even enter the theatre, there should be a hint of the treats inside.  You know what I am referring to.  Movie popcorn is the best smelling and tasting popcorn this side of Nebraska. The smell should be strong enough to lure you to the snacks counter.  Movie treats are a huge part of the movie going experience.  You need to perfect balance of salty snacks and sweet snacks.  Your favorite beverage should be enough to last you at least through 3/4 of the movie.

Before you get to your seat, and that is another major factor in the perfect movie experience, you should be sure to use the bathroom.  Nothing worse, than having to leave during one of the best parts of the movie to use the bathroom.  Besides the fact that you are interrupting other movie goers by having to excuse yourself in front them to get to the aisle.

Now that you have used the restroom, purchased your favorite movie snacks and beverage, it’s time to sit down.  Now, of course, your preference of where to sit is entirely up to you, however, if you want to enjoy the ultimate movie going experience, then heed my advice here.   You want to be in the middle of the screen and high enough, but not too low, so that the center of the screen is directly in front of you.  You do not want to have to look up, down, to the right or to the left.  You want to be looking straight ahead as all of the action should be in a such a view that you will not have to tilt your head for the next 1.5 to 2 hours.

Now, depending on the popularity and timing of the movie you choose to watch, if you can, always try to leave one seat in between you and the random movie goer.  This will allow you plenty of elbow room as well as not having to worry about the people next to you and their whispers.

Cobb Theatres Merritt Island Florida

Always remember to be courteous to the other movie goers by turning your cell phone to vibrate at the very least, not texting or using your phone with a bright screen during the movie and for goodness, if you MUST talk to the person with during the movie, do so as if you were trying to hide from the nastiest most scariest monster in your closet as possible.

The movie going experience is always the best at Cobb Theatres Merritt Island, so pick a good movie and enjoy your time!

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