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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be an astronaut?  We’ve all seen how awesome it would be to fly in a rocket, space shuttle or space ship even on television, in the movies or on the internet.  Growing up watching Star Trek,  Star Wars and our beloved Space Shuttle program and various rockets, space flight today is not what we have envisioned just yet for our future.

Right now however, is the perfect time for those who have the resolve and fortitude to take our Space Program where it has never gone before (insert Star Trek music and monologue there).  NASA will begin taking new applications for astronaut candidates starting December 14th, 2015.

NASA Space Program
Orion Space News

There hasn’t been a better time in the US Space Program’s history to apply to be an astronaut.  The new generation of space flight vehicles to take astronauts and cargo into low Earth orbits and beyond has never been more impressive.  The Space X along with NASA and NASA’s aerospace partners have built a heavy-lift rocket and vehicle specifically engineered and designed to take astronauts into deep space.  Current NASA administrator Charles Bolden, a veteran astronaut in space himself advises,  “Your spaceflight experience begins here”.

NASA considers and accepts individuals into it’s Astronaut Program from a wide and diverse variety of backgrounds.  The last astronaut class included men and women whose backgrounds were engineers, medical doctors, scientists and school teachers.

Before you can experience space’s zero gravity, fly to the International Space Station or beyond Earth’s orbit, you have to apply.   A list of the requirements to qualify to be an astronaut are right HERE.

Our next generation of astronauts NASA will hire could fly on any of the four current Space Vessels in service or in development.  The International Space Station is the only current vessel in service at this time.  Getting to the Space Station currently requires a lift from the Russian Space Program‘s Soyez capsule.  The three vehicles in development is the NASA Orion Spacecraft, the Boeing SCT-100 Starliner and the the Space X Crew Dragon capsule.  This will be the first time in our proud and illustrious Space Program where we will have three different space vehicles to deliver humans into space.

Be An Astronaut
Space X Crew Dragon

Space X’s Crew Dragon has been specifically designed to accommodate many technological advanced systems to preform various missions of transporting astronauts as well as cargo to the International Space Station.  The vessel is equipped with eight hypergolic powered engines.  It has a launch abort system integrated in the sidewall of the vessel for safe and quick escape should an emergency present itself.  Once inside the cabin of the Crew Dragon, technology has taken over what was once capsule spacecraft.  Touch screens have replaced the cumbersome switches and knobs of the old instrument panels.  Space X has designed both a cargo and manned crew version of the Crew Dragon.

Do you have what it takes to fly the Crew Dragon?  Apply and find out if you have the stuff to be one of our next generation astronauts.

NASA has worked with the members of the U.S. aerospace industry to develop and facilitate the development of reintroducing the U.S. back into human spaceflight missions since 2010.  NASA’s goal is to reestablish the United States as the premier leader in space exploration and low-Earth orbit space flights.  Safety, reliability and cost effective access to and from the International Space Station and other low-Earth orbit missions and destinations.

NASA has selected Space X along with Boeing to launch and carry our astronauts to the International Space Station from our launch facilities here in the United States, specifically Kennedy Space Center.  The vehicles that Boeing and Space X have designed will carry four astronauts, to and from the station increasing the crew size to seven.  The seventh crew member will allow the amount of time dedicated to science research to double.


Be An Astronaut
Boeing CST-100 Starliner

Boeing’s CST-100 Starliner, is one of the two commercial spacecrafts in development in partnership with NASA to deliver astronauts as well as cargo to the International Space Station.  Although the look and shape may seem familiar to days gone by in NASA, this is not your grandfather’s space capsule.  The CST-100 Starliner will be outfitted with advanced avionics, an emergency launch abort system, and the latest in cabin comfort, reliability, functionality and safety imaginable.  Plenty of room for a compliment of astronauts as well as ample cargo space to deliver equipment, supplies to the Space Station.


Be An Astronaut
NASA – Orion

Before you can become an astronaut and fly to the International Space Station or explore dazzling deep space destinations, you have to apply – and at the right time. The good news is the right time is only about a month away – NASA will begin accepting astronaut applications Dec. 14. The requirements are available here now and the link to apply will be available when the application period opens on

If you think you have what it takes to fly these new generation of spacecrafts, NASA will start taking applications Dec. 14 for its next astronaut class.

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